We do know it ends on the Fourth of July

The following four films make up the Rebuild saga: Evangelionnote Oddly, Evangelion in the Rebuild series (except for : / 3.0+1.0) is spelled as using the obsolete characters (we) and (wo) instead of (e) and (o). However, it’s pronounced the same, and is properly romanized as “evangerion” instead of “wevangeriwon”. The New Movie: (“Jo”; “Beginning”) (Released September 1, 2007) 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone. Evangelion, The New Movie: (“Ha”, “Breaking”) (Released June 27, 2009) 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance. Evangelion, The New Movie: Qnote Quickening, or (“ky as it was originally announced if you like; see Idiosyncratic Episode Naming below (Released November 17, 2012) 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo. Shinnote no clear meaning, because “shin” can mean either “true”, “new”, or “god”/”relating to gods” Evangelion, The Movie: (Musical notation for “End”note alternatively, it can be interpreted as which signals “end, then repeat.” Or, in the Universal Product Code system, odd bar code for “4”.), originally announced as Evangelion, The New Movie:? (Release date TBA) 3.0 + 1.0 (Originally announced as FINAL. English subtitle TBA)

The Dreaded: As leader of the interstellar resistance http://www.themadhattershow1865.com/2013/11/07/the-good-news-for-the-whitecaps-is-that-their-defense-did-its/, the Sphere is this to the Harvesters. The Harvesters and their empress are this to the people of Earth, naturally. Elites Are More Glamorous: Jake, Dylan, Rain and Patricia, the four main pilots of the movie were once all members of the elite Legacy Squadron, although by now only Dylan and Rain remain there. When the Squadron arrives at the Moon base, the entire staff goes into what can be best described as fangirls’ frenzy. Enemy Mine: When the humans discover that the Sphere is an enemy of the Harvesters, they immediately view it as a potential ally. Gave Us Wi Fi: After the War of 1996, humanity has reverse engineered alien technology en masse to enhance their own defense capability in spacecraft, military aircraft, point defense turrets and personal armament. All There in the Manual states that for this Alternate History advances like touchscreen phones, bladeless fans and drones were also the result of studying alien tech, compared to the natural advances in real life 2016. Extremely Short Timespan: The film is less clear about the timeline compared to the last film, as it doesn’t have subtitles indicating the days. We do know it ends on the Fourth of July. When the mothership touches down it also blocks out the sun, making some sequences uncertain to be day or night. Best that can be said is a minimum of two days and upwards of four. Exty Years from Now: The aliens attack Earth for the second times exactly 20 years after their first assault, almost to the day. “Facing the Bullets” One Liner: President Elizabeth Lanford has one when the aliens break into Cheyenne Mountain, where most of the US government has taken shelter through the above “There will be no peace” callback from the first movie. Fantastic Nuke: Not really “fantastic”, but rather than nuclear weapons humanity’s most destructive weapon is now cold fusion bombs. Fictional Holiday: Living up to Whitmore’s Rousing Speech from the first film, the Fourth of July is now being celebrated as Earth’s Independence Day. In the second trailer, we see fighter jets performing maneuvers over the moon while waving the flags of various nations. Forever War: The aliens are revealed to be engaged in an intergalactic conflict waged across the universe for millennia. Earth joins the alliance against them at the end of the movie. Foreshadowing: “You have to take them from behind.” That’s how they finally shoot down the Harvester Queen. Frontline General: As soon as she detects the presence of the Sphere on Earth the Harvester Queen personally leads the assault to capture or destroy it. Just like in the first film, (former) President Whitmore joins the (not quite final) assault on the aliens. Gotta Get Your Head Together: Any of the humans who have psychic exposure to the alien hivemind. When the hive is all worked u.

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