Budgeting for Change – Budget Advocacy in South Africa

(SACC) as well as the group of CSOs of the Budget and Expenditure Monitoring Forum (BEMF).  Trade Unions such as the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) have a strong record with regards to budget analysis and advocacy. Gender and children’s budget monitoring was strong. This skill has regrettably been severely weakened as skilled people have left the sector, and some of the institutions themselves have closed due to, amongst other things, issues of sustainability.  The impact of this is that there has been a very real depletion of skills and people able to provide the necessary training to new entrants to civil society in South Africa on budget monitoring and expenditure.

Addressing this skills deficit, as well as providing a coordinating role for progressive civil society budget advocacy is crucial and it is within this context that SPII engages with ‘Budgeting for Change.

Vacancy: Organiser for The Budget Justice Coalition

The Budget Justice Coalition is looking for a part time Organiser to be appointed as a consultant. The location of the position would be preferably in Cape Town or Johannesburg.
The Budget Justice Coalition (the BJC) is a loose coalition of social justice not for profit organisations in South Africa, united in their common work to promote budget transparency at all three spheres of government and to advance the progressive realisation of the socio-economic rights contained in the Constitution and binding international treaties. The BJC is a feminist Coalition.

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