Can we afford NOT to have a BIG in South Africa? – Podcast

Can we afford NOT to have a BIG in South Africa? – Podcast

Pilots, multipliers and Covid- recovery stimulus - let the evidence lead Guy Standing (Professorial Research Associate, SOAS University of London and co-Founder of BIEN)

In this episode, Guy Standing, internationally renown expert and widely published author on BIG speaks to Duma and Isobel about his experience as advisor to President Mandela on labour market issues, as well as his view that South Africa CANNOT afford not to have a Universal Basic Income Grant (UBIG) both as a recovery stimulus but also as a central pillar of a sustainable future.

He references his reasons to the many UBIG pilot studies that he has undertaken in four continents. Highly topical and extremely interesting to listen to: this episode is an historic marker in South Africa's policy deliberations.

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