Networks and Alliances

Located in the constitutional imperatives of public participation, SPII is committed to advancing access to the research, findings and recommendations of the research undertaken by the Institute, to audiences that are both situated in the policy and resource- allocation decision –making processes and those beyond.  Shaping and contributing to national debates and discussions is crucial for advancing transformation at a variety of levels and fora.

Foundational to our theory of change analysis is the concept of concentric circles of influence around decision- making processes that can be used to promote equality and progressive change.  Thus, spaces and affiliations that we have built in to this programme include: NEDLAC, partnered public seminars, cross cutting stakeholder management through our project based research and reference/ expert teams, and the use of the media as a secondary, broader medium of influencing social and public discourse.  In addition, we contribute in conferences, seminars and journals hosted by others within the civil society sector and beyond.

Networks and Alliances

SPII belongs to the following networks and alliances that support our achievement of our goals and objectives:

  • Coalition for the South African Ratification of International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR Ratification Campaign). rights/resources/icescr-ratification-campaign

  • African Platform for Social Protection

  • Basic Needs Basket Network Southern Africa

  • SADC – BIG Coalition

  • Financial Sector Campaigns Coalition

  • Community Constituency, NEDLAC

  • SADC Social Protection Network

Special Focus: NEDLAC

Through its affiliation with the FSCC (the Financial Sector Campaigns Coalition), SPII is a key participant in the NEDLAC (National Economic Development and Labour Council) structures.  The Director of SPII is the Community Constituency convenor of the Public Finance and Monetary Policy Chamber, and represents the sector on a variety of task teams and executive and management committees.  The Director also represents Community Constituency on the Unemployment Insurance Board.

SPII uses this avenue to contribute the research findings and recommendations into applied policy-making and debating fora.  With its wide-ranging contacts in both civil society and the academic world, SPII has been able to facilitate the inclusion of a number of experts in specific interests to promote the participation of these sectors within NEDLAC, including around issues of economic justice and climate change.  In 2012, SPII was also able to circulate to the PFMPC SPII’s monthly reports on the inflationary impact on food prices with a specific pro-poor analysis, to deepen the Chamber’s understanding of the impact of monetary policy.

Seminars and Discussions

In partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, SPII hosts a number of public seminars throughout the year.  Our current theme for social dialogue is our project TOWARDS A DECENT LIVING LEVEL.

Reports of past seminars can be found under the;

Media Interventions

SPII participates regularly on current affairs programmes such as Interface, and on radio programmes.  We are happy to be contacted via the website should you be interested in inviting SPII to participate in a media intervention.

“How far away are we from achieving the Millennium Development Goals of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger and attaining universal primary education?”

SPII also makes active use of social media to broaden our reach and increase participation to our debates.   We encourage you to do the same!

These can be accessed on:

  • Twitter Page: spii1
  • Facebook Page: SPII