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The Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute (SPII) is an independent not-for-profit research think tank which focuses on generating new knowledge, information and analysis in the field of poverty and inequality studies.


Socio-Economic Rights (SERs) Monitoring Tool

An analysis of the various judicial and legislative measures and reporting mechanisms and tools used in South Africa to address and monitor SERs highlights their various limitations or shortcomings and points towards the need for a comprehensive monitoring tool which can be applied across all rights.

Basic Needs Basket

The overall goal of this project is to generate information and analysis on what people living in poverty require for them to live a dignified, decent and healthy lifestyle and capacity building of select community-based organisation representatives.

Social Protection and Local Economic Development (LED) Graduation Pilot

Building on the successes of the graduation model by the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC), the pilot programme sought to link the child support grant (CSG) and Local Economic Development (LED) by targeting small, micro and survivalist enterprises in the informal economy that have a recipient of the CSG within the household.