The Socio-Economic Rights Monitoring Tool

Monitoring and guiding the progressive realisation of socio-economic rights in South Africa

Why a socio-economic rights monitoring tool?

The progressive realisation of social and economic rights is central to the transformation of our society. The persistence of systemic poverty and inequality in South Africa has shown that unless the realisation of socio-economic rights (SERs) promised in the Constitution is monitored and tracked over time, their inclusion on paper might not be felt in reality by millions of poor people.

The SER Monitoring Tool project, with endorsement from the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), has developed a methodology based on a combination of policy and budget analysis and statistical indicators to monitor and evaluate the rate, pace and direction of the progressive realisation of SERs.

SER Monitoring Tool: 3-step methodology

The objectives of the project include:

  1. Aiding clarity on the content of SERs to ensure access to and enjoyment of SERs is continuously broadened.
  2. Determining the extent to which organs of the state have respected, protected, promoted and fulfilled their obligations. This involves identifying achievements, detecting failures, gaps and regression and identifying discriminatory laws, policies, programmes and practices.
  3. Advancing evidence-based empirical debate on the implementation of SERs that will ensure their protection, development and universal enjoyment.

Comparison between the SER standards in the ICESCR, the NDP and the SA Constitution

Socio-Economic Rights Report

Vacancy: Organiser for The Budget Justice Coalition

The Budget Justice Coalition is looking for a part time Organiser to be appointed as a consultant. The location of the position would be preferably in Cape Town or Johannesburg.
The Budget Justice Coalition (the BJC) is a loose coalition of social justice not for profit organisations in South Africa, united in their common work to promote budget transparency at all three spheres of government and to advance the progressive realisation of the socio-economic rights contained in the Constitution and binding international treaties. The BJC is a feminist Coalition.

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