Here’s the transcription of Dr Philip Alston’s video message to the Fourth Decent Standard of Living Colloquium in October 2019.   I am very grateful for the opportunity to say a few words at the beginning of the Fourth Annual Colloquium on a Decent Standard of Living in South Africa. It’s great that you are engaging in this incredibly important work. I have only been in South Africa once, which was way back in 1997 where I was involved in launching anti-poverty hearings along with Kadal Asmal, who I had got to know in the preceding years of his anti-apartheid work from …Read More

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    Over the past years, Universal Basic Income (UBI) has increasingly been discussed in countries across the world. India’s 2019 elections featured UBI in a prominent way; a presidential candidate in the United States 2020 elections has made UBI a core platform of his campaign; a decade-long trial is underway in rural Kenya; and since 2010, an average of a book per month is published on the topic. While such policy research and practice are yielding important lessons and learning, UBI is also subject to a growing volume of critical challenge, notably from advocates of expanding collective services, Universal Basic Services …Read More