SPII supports the peaceful protestors who are demonstrating their anger and frustration at the state of our economy and the crisis of governance that is impacting upon all South African’s hope for a better life.

The fulfilment of socio-economic rights remains central to building the equal, prosperous, democratic society that our liberation movements fought so hard for. Yet, 23 years into democracy, access to quality health care, education and housing (among others) remains starkly divided along race, gender and class lines. Unemployment (particularly youth unemployment) has risen inexorably in recent years with no hope of a decent job in sight for many.

Tackling our complex socio-economic challenges will require capable and visionary leadership going forward that is accountable to the people. An active and informed citizenry must be essential partners in this exercise.

By the same token, radical socio-economic transformation will only be possible if our state has the skills, the commitment and the will to implement the transformative vision of the Constitution. Everyone, from all walks of life, has a role to play in ensuring that this is the case.

We urge everyone to demonstrate their views on the current crisis in our economy and our polity peacefully, and to act at all times with the humility and dedication that were the hallmarks of the late Comrade Kathrada.

Only through constructive dialogue with each other will we be able to find lasting solutions to the deep scars of apartheid colonialism that pervade our country.

Yours in the struggle for equality, dignity and justice.

Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute

For enquiries and statements contact:
Isobel Frye: Director | 084 508 1271
Vuyokazi Futshane: Campaigns Coordinator | 083 513 2298
Daniel McLaren: Senior Researcher | 079 9101 453