SABCnews: Dr. Nqobile Zulu speaks on the School Governing Body (SGB) elections and impact of the COVID-19 conditions

SABCnews: Dr. Nqobile Zulu speaks on the School Governing Body (SGB) elections and impact of the COVID-19 conditions

SABCnews: Dr. Nqobile Zulu speaks on SABCnews regarding the COVID-19 conditions and the Student Governing body (SGB) elections

While the country gears up for local government elections, questions are also being asked about School Governing Body (SGB) under Covid-19 conditions In light of the Covid19 pandemic, what effect would attempts at facilitating the process of elections entail under Covid-19 induced conditions? Dr. Nqobile Zulu, Research Manager Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute's Research joins SABC News, based off the article here.


“One of the key tragedies of Covid is that it is the rich who have access to everything, such as medication.” Dr. Zulu addresses.


This is an issue of the privileged, where they are able to leave work when they are needed at the school elections and meetings, and to participate in the school board, whereas the masses of parents either run a business or have a full time job where they cannot participate in the School Governing Body (SGBs) elections.


The role of SGBs is to help the parents in the governing of the school, they allow parents the access to making decisions in running the schools. In one sense it speaks to the elections coming soon. Giving parents access to governing and decision-making processes.


The school system is a practice run for the bigger picture, think about the elections. We allow the parents to contribute in making a difference in the everyday lives of the students, which is no different from the government making decisions for the people of the nation’s betterment. if the school system is faulty then that correlates to the government.


“Governance goes hand in hand with participation.” Dr. Zulu emphasises.


There are no easy, and quick fixes, we need to starting with the schooling systems. The elections are often biased towards parents who are mostly married, the majority of people/parents on the school board would be white, male, and middle-aged, there are no young people there, no young parents.


We need to open the board for equality, if we were to have a quota system saying that 45% of women need to be candidates for the election then we open the platform for a fair election, we would be able to create the rainbow nation.


We should not discriminate issues of race.


Think about the last election of the DA, one could criticise the fairness, but it starts with participation, encouraging young parents to participate, people with their first child. We need people who would last longer in the school system, bringing in fresh new ideas. People who will have their child in the school for a few years, and think about what benefits their child along with the other children of the school.


Source: SABCnews