Perhaps in the coming years, doctors will be able to operate

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Replica Designer Handbags Roger tells Peggy “that’s the way it is, it’s every man for himself” which MW told us was a theme of this season and that’s what this episode is really about. Still in post LSD truth bomb dropping mode, Roger kind of narrates the episode. After the silent opening shot of Betty rationing out her weight watchers meal, he tells Cooper fishing is not a competition man vs. fish, it’s man vs. man, “it’s the measuring and the weighing,” which sets up Betty’s weight watchers as the frame of the episode about man to man competition. Then Roger talks about golf on the phone, “playing with a pro makes you worse, makes you self conscious,” which will relate to Don and Ginzo’s conflict and later tells Ginzo “sometimes when you really, really hate someone, you need to prove something is yours even if you’ll lose it” (exactly what we’ll see him do later with Jane). Replica Designer Handbags

replica goyard handbags One of the many benefits of robotic surgery is that it significantly cuts down on the number of people needed in the operating room from almost a dozen to four or five the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, a nurse (possibly two), and, of course, the patient. This could not only drastically reduce the cost of surgery, but it could also make surgery possible in even the most far flung places in the world. Consider that a surgeon can already operate on a patient from another room because he or she is using a computer console for the surgery. Perhaps in the coming years, doctors will be able to operate on people located far away, possibly around the world. There may be issues with a delay from the time a surgeon moves his or her hand to the time the surgical arm moves, but the possibility is intriguing for people looking to improve health care in the developing world. Plus, robotic surgery is, in general easier on the body, so it can reduce the time a patient needs to heal and return to his or her normal life replica goyard handbags.