Neutral Female: Played for laughs

Averted in The Rescuers series of children’s novels (the inspiration for the Disney movies). In the novels Miss Bianca is the pet of an ambassador’s son, so she lives in a dollhouse, but most other objects are not simply mouse scaled props, but are indeed fabricated from other objects. For example, spools of thread are used as chairs, the salt shakers are really thimbles with bottoms attached, combs leaned against piles of books are staircases, and so forth. Neutral Female: Played for laughs. When Scarlet and the Grand Duke duel near the end, Melissa cowers by the wall shrieking “Eee! Ei! Oh!” as the rapiers clash. Nothing Left to Do but Die: “There was nothing left for the Scarlet Pumpernickel to do but blow his brains out, which he does.” Once Upon a Time: “Great opening, huh?” Pain Powered Leap: Daffy scales the castle walls with the help of Ye Little Olympic Jumper a pin to the hindquarters.

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Replica Stella McCartney Handbags Crossover: As part of the celebration of Germany’s re unification in 1990, Tatort crossed over with its East German counterpart series, Polizeiruf 110, for the episode “Unter Br (“Among Brothers”). In this episode, a dead man is fished out of the river in Duisburg and is found to have a tattoo marking him as a former Stasi officer, leading to a joint investigation between the Duisburg team, led by Kriminalhauptkommissare Horst Schimanski (G George) and Christian Thanner (Eberhard Feik), and their East Berlin opposite numbers, led by Kriminalhauptkommissar Peter Fuchs (Peter Borgelt) and Kriminaloberkommissar Thomas Grawe (Andreas Schmidt Schaller). To celebrate Tatort’s 30th anniversary, the special episode Quartett in Leipzig was produced where a case took the Cologne team of Kriminalhauptkommissare Max Ballauf (Klaus J Replica Stella McCartney Handbags.