SAfm: The Talking Point with Isobel Frye and Cathy Mohlahlana

SAfm: The Talking Point with Isobel Frye and Cathy Mohlahlana

Talks on the President's Implementation of the R350 SRD grant sparks the Basic Income Grant possibilities

“We need to have an urgent humanitarian intervention,” – Isobel Frye


The Director of Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute, Isobel Frye, makes mention that the president, Cyril Ramaphosa, should become more flexible in responding to crises, she questions why people need to resort to destruction before their voices are heard?


People are beginning to articulate what their demands and desires are, the unrest shocked everybody to their core. Isobel explains how the unrest impacted the economy and the people residing in our country.


Isobel then unpacks the reimplementation of the Social Relief of Disaster grant, stating that R350 is not a huge amount of money. A single household cannot survive with that amount per month.


We see that people’s access to food has been disrupted especially with the recent violence. This has had a negative impact on a decent standard of living for our nation.


With much talks on the finance and funding of the Basic Income Grant, Isobel highlighted that he money to finance the basic income grant, or the universal income grant has been managed by the state. The state has found additional money for this, and that they have not made any cuts in budget to fund the basic income grant.


“We are in a recession,” she adds, and that increasing tax will not have the desired effect. We have many more options.


“The impact is unquestionable” – Cathy Mohlahlana, from SAfm

Source: SAfm