Robbie Hart (Sandler) is the titular wedding singer

It turns out the monsters just want to watch the show, even offering the kid some popcorn. Various episodes would also use this trope. Dirty Coward: Chuck constantly in both episodes he appears in. Robbie Hart (Sandler) is the titular wedding singer, who is all set to be married to his girlfriend, Linda. She leaves him at the altar. His friend Julia (Barrymore) tries to cheer him up, and asks him to help her with her wedding. No Campaign for the Wicked: The games two campaigns focuses on the Allies, and the Germans who want to overthrow the Nazis, and both soon team up to fight the Russians who are the main bad guys. Soviet Super Science: With everything from liquid nitrogen bombs to drill tanks. Stupid Jetpack Hitler: Hitler’s early death is part of the Alternate History, but otherwise this is a spot on example, with sonic tanks and actual jetpacks.

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