• basic income grant

    Introducing a basic income grant, or ‘Freedom Dividend’, of R1,000 a month will help those who are unemployed and bring minimum-wage earners’ incomes closer to a living wage. This would almost certainly make a meaningful difference to millions of South Africans in their efforts to survive, make a living and find employment. For his 2020 Democratic candidacy for the US presidential elections, Andrew Yang put forward as his signature policy proposal the idea of a universal basic income, where each American receives $1,000 a month. This automatic and unconditional payment would be delivered to all Americans over the age of …Read More

  • bowls of food

    Hunger does not allow for a decent life. Hunger prevents children from optimal development and learning and prevents adults from being fully productive members of society. It is not a ‘nice to have’ for the realisation of the SONA’s full vision, but a basic necessity. President Cyril Ramaphosa’s commitment to ensuring no one goes to bed hungry within 10 years is welcome. To begin to rebuild the massive trust deficit that has built up between the state and its citizens, it is crucial not only that this goal is achieved, but that throughout the next years it is seen to be met. …Read More

  • FEMINIST CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATIONS CALL ON PRESIDENT AND MINISTER OF FINANCE TO MAKE GOOD ON PROMISES TO FUND THE FIGHT AGAINST GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE 20 June 2019 – despite President Cyril Ramaphosa’s pronouncements in the February 2019 State of the Nation Address (SONA) that funding would be allocated to combat Gender-Based Violence, when Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni, delivered his budget speech on 20 February 2019, there were no new allocations to combat Gender-Based Violence.

  • 100 rand note

    Public contracting is the meeting point of significant power and money and in most countries, these systems are characterised by convoluted, opaque planning. According to a recent report by the Open Contracting Partnership, up to 20% of state procurement budgets for infrastructure may be wasted. Opening procurement data will help support public participation and foster accountable governance.In February 2018, the erstwhile Minister of Finance launched South Africa’s first national open budget data portal, Vulekamali. This is an initiative between a coalition of civil society organisations known as Imali Yethu (“Our Money”), and the National Treasury.The online portal aims to create greater transparency …Read More

  • sa-education

    Poverty is political. It is about choices, values and self- interest. It is about power, about winners and losers. If you think it too dramatic to say that poverty is about life and death, it is certainly about how you live and how and when you die. Poverty is not a neutral matter of development theory and practice. Poverty is not rhetorical. Poverty is political. We need a political solution for a political problem. On Africa Day 2019 in the stadium of Loftus Versfeld, Cyril Ramaphosa was sworn in as President ahead of the sixth administration of democratic South Africa. …Read More

  • SPII-Unemployment-Action

    South Africa’s sixth post-apartheid administration under President Cyril Ramaphosa needs to hit the ground running in relooking at how to address poverty and inequality. Conventional solutions to unemployment are simply not working, and it is time to start looking at non-conventional means. The mantra of addressing the triple ills of poverty, unemployment and inequality in South Africa held by the ruling party and the State is that growth to the economy will trickle down to uplift the poor from their destitution. The National Development Plan has a great goal of eliminating poverty and reducing unemployment to 14% in 2020 and …Read More

  • It is remarkable that South Africa’s social security laws are still based on the pre-1994 Social Assistance Act, with tweaks. These laws were aimed at the well-being of white South Africans in the context of virtual full employment for white men. They do not accommodate the lifelong income poverty of millions marginalised from decent work. The catch is that destitution or poverty, while it may be distressing, is not distress, as defined in the act. If you are poor, you are not distressed, but destitute. And for that state of being, there is no income support. Many might have forgotten …Read More

  • The Budget Justice Coalition notes the irony of a budget handed down on World Day of Social Justice that slashes R50.3 billion from social expenditure over the next three years. While we recognise the tight financial spot the Treasury has been painted into by widespread corruption, under-delivering departments and failing SOEs, especially Eskom – we urge government to recall its first duty: to ensure the progressive realisation of people’s Constitutional rights. The fiscal framework proposed in this budget bails out Eskom but cuts spending on education, health care and housing, and makes no new proposals to tackle inequality. For example, …Read More

  • tito mboweni

    Cape Town, 25 October 2018 – Rather than taking bold steps to stimulate the economy and embark on a more inclusive growth path, the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) tinkers at the margins. While the statement focused on improving governance and strengthening institutions such as SARS, it is the view of the Budget Justice Coalition (BJC) that an economic recovery and turnaround will come only from investment in our human capital and a stronger focus on meeting the constitutional obligations of the State. The anaemic social spending of recent years that is bankrupting many social services will only further entrench …Read More

  • South Africa risks continued failures to fulfil its human rights obligations to people if the government’s austerity policy is maintained, civil society organisations have warned at the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (the UN Committee) in Geneva. The organisations outlined the systemic challenges that impede access to adequate health care, housing, education, work, social security, food and land to the Committee and urged government to tackle these without delay. South Africa is participating in its first hearing at the UN Committee, which oversees how member states implement of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (the International Covenant). …Read More

Vacancy: Organiser for The Budget Justice Coalition

The Budget Justice Coalition is looking for a part time Organiser to be appointed as a consultant. The location of the position would be preferably in Cape Town or Johannesburg.
The Budget Justice Coalition (the BJC) is a loose coalition of social justice not for profit organisations in South Africa, united in their common work to promote budget transparency at all three spheres of government and to advance the progressive realisation of the socio-economic rights contained in the Constitution and binding international treaties. The BJC is a feminist Coalition.

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