Midday Report: Withdrawal of the Green Paper sparks controversy

Midday Report: Withdrawal of the Green Paper sparks controversy

Midday Report with Mandy Wiener Withdrawal of the Green Paper sparks controversy

The Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu, withdrew the Green Paper, without a specific reason yesterday. Isobel Frye, director of the Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute (SPII) speaks to Mandy Wiener on the impact the Green Paper has on Poverty and Social Security.


Proposing the 12% contributions from all employed people goes into a government managed investment fund, which makes provisions for those in or heading towards retirement, unemployment and disability.


“We need to understand the full process around it, the presentation was unfair.” Frye comments on the media representation of Lindiwe Zulu, implying that she was acting on her own accord, without the support of Cabinet behind her.


She continues to elaborate on the backlash received from the withdrawal of the Green Paper that makes mention of provisions for those living below the poverty line, “The way that the Minister is being projected has been really unfair,” Frye reiterates.


We make our way back to the ideas of social security systems that are designed to aid the nation and its people, these ideas are not new, and there has been a lot of work and research done regarding a Basic Income Grant as well a Decent Standard of Living.


“Negotiations are about the art of persuasion,” Says Isobel Frye, along with “As a member of the negotiation team, I cannot say the recent responses from National Treasury are in good faith.” Disappointment and doubt evident in her statement.


Frye also touches on the parts of the Green Paper that ordinary non-scholars need to be aware of, for instance we are talking about the adoption of a new social security fund, it will not be done parallel with existing pension.


As well as all contributions that have already been made will continue to be held by the private pension fund, and that there would be no migrations to a new fund.


Frye concludes saying that many northern countries have a national social security fund in place at the moment, from the cradle to the grave, they say.


“We are looking to create a stable future society”

Source: 702, the Midday Report