SPII in the Media

  • channel Africa

    Listen to Isobel Frye, Director of SPII, talking about the impact of poverty on the youth and social cohesion on Channel Africa , SAFM, Tuesday 8 October 2019.

  • 4IRSA Digital Economic Summit

    Highlights from the inaugural 4th Industrial Revolution SA (4IRSA) Digital Economy Summit, in which Isobel Frye presented on ‘Shaking out Structural Poverty and Inequality’ and asked how the fourth industrial revolution can be used as an opportunity for inclusion and income redistribution.

  • life without struggle

    In among all the numbers, we have lost sight of dignity, and our value and worth as human beings. Poverty and inequality are the greatest obstacles to the full liberation of South Africans from an oppressive and divisive past. The National Development Plan 2030 is dedicated to eliminating exactly that. SA is fortunate to have a credible statistical agency that supports evidence-based policy formulation. Poverty and inequality are complex and the country’s policy responses require the best we have in conceptualisation, planning, implementation and monitoring. Despite the gains made since 1994, the feeling is we are failing in this project. ….Read More

  • ailing economy-spii

    SPII weighs in on the traumatic experience of structural, intergenerational poverty in South Africa and points to the increased need for, and relevance of, social assistance in the country, particularly for the youth.

  • Isobel Frye, Director of SPII, in a panel discussion about the economic trajectory of South Africa, pointing to seismic shifts in relation to unemployment.

  • Sacha Knox

    Sacha Knox, Senior Researcher and Budget Analyst at SPII, discussing the new Poverty Lines from StatsSA, Inequality in South Africa and the need for increased social security, including a Basic Income Grant.

  • bowls of food

    Hunger does not allow for a decent life. Hunger prevents children from optimal development and learning and prevents adults from being fully productive members of society. It is not a ‘nice to have’ for the realisation of the SONA’s full vision, but a basic necessity. President Cyril Ramaphosa’s commitment to ensuring no one goes to bed hungry within 10 years is welcome. To begin to rebuild the massive trust deficit that has built up between the state and its citizens, it is crucial not only that this goal is achieved, but that throughout the next years it is seen to be met. ….Read More

  • Eusebius had a robust debate with policy and economic experts Duma Gqubule , Busisiwe Radebe and Isobel Frye about the economic data and ideas in the recent state of the nation address delivered by president Ramaphosa.

  • 100 rand note

    Public contracting is the meeting point of significant power and money and in most countries, these systems are characterised by convoluted, opaque planning. According to a recent report by the Open Contracting Partnership, up to 20% of state procurement budgets for infrastructure may be wasted. Opening procurement data will help support public participation and foster accountable governance.In February 2018, the erstwhile Minister of Finance launched South Africa’s first national open budget data portal, Vulekamali. This is an initiative between a coalition of civil society organisations known as Imali Yethu (“Our Money”), and the National Treasury.The online portal aims to create greater transparency ….Read More

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqkB-hxcTeo   As the country digests the low GDP figures, we continue to look at the impact this has on poverty.We are now joined by Isobel Frye who is the director at The Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute.