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Replica Handbags White and Grey Morality: Despite the massive amount of bloodshed in the story, none of the nations slide beyond Anti Villain at worst. Many of them don’t even attempt to kill to get home, and the ones who do are either highly conflicted and remorseful, acting in self defence or with the permission of their victims, or simply too insane to realize the weight of what they’re doing. What’s more, the characters spend a long time believing the immortality isn’t waning or just isn’t gone yet, so they don’t see their actions as being permanent. If you want to know what this fic would be like if it were crossed with My Immortal, see Becoming Female. For the The Legend of Korra version, see Abuse Cycle. Beauty Equals Goodness: Harry and Hermione are sparkly and pretty! Everyone else, Ron and Ginny in particular, less so Replica Handbags.