E-toll discount: Trick or treat?

By Louise Flanagan

Johannesburg – The new deal on e-tolls effectively offers everybody the e-tag discount, but doesn’t get motorists out of paying their bills.

On Wednesday Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that “a single, reduced tariff will apply to all motorists” within the vehicle class whether they have e-tags or not, which meant “the current standard tariff of 58c per kilometre for light motor vehicles will be reduced to 30c per kilometre”.

All motorists will be charged the existing e-tag rate, whether they have e-tags or not.

The 58c/km rate has been the “standard rate” for light motor vehicles since 2013, and those who have e-tags have had the discount tariff of 30c/km since then.

The good news for the frequent users is that the monthly cap has been cut, which for light motor vehicles is from R450 a month to R225.

Details for heavy vehicles were not available at the time of publication.

The motorists who have refused to pay and have run up massive e-toll bills since the gantries were switched on in December 2013 will have to pay their bills, at the e-tag rates.

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