SADC BIG Newsletter Issue 1

SADC BIG Issue 1

SADC BIG Newsletter Issue 1

We welcome you all to this new edition of the SADC- BIG Newsletter. As members and allies of the campaign are aware, the secretariat has recently welcomed Nkateko Chauke as the new co-ordinator. She replaced Taku Fundira, who championed the campaign for the last three years together with the member- based steering committee, for which he has our permanent thanks. One of the main thrusts that we are committed to is moving from a more research- dominated strategy, to building strong rooted support in local networks and structures. In this, we welcome your suggestions and recommendations for opportunities and spaces that could be used to this effect. By now we hope that you have visited our new website, which is hosted at: which we believe should give you a foretaste of things to come.

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Author: Nkateko

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