SADC BIG Newsletter Issue 1 2017

Vuyokazi Futshane –

SADC BIG & BNB Interim Project Leader
Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute


Coordinators Reflection: The realisation of Universal Basic IncomeThe year 2016 marked huge milestones in the global movement for basic income, from Switzerland’s referendum to the announcement by GiveDirectly to launch the biggest and longest basic income pilot in history. The idea of basic income no longer solely exits as the ramblings of utopian idealism. For any progressive and transformative shift to take place we must remain cognisant that ideas alone cannot change the world, we must constantly and rigorously pursue the cause for social justice at every angle. Through oiling the motors of change with ideas, the formulation of radically progressive social protection policies, the promotion of greater economic participation and the lobbying of relevant stakeholders and government constituencies that will bring about the change we seek. One of the key drivers of this world-wide shift from ‘idea to action

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Author: Nkateko

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